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 FAQ about the

Mindfulness Based Addiction Therapist

(MBAT) Certifications


As a support we have provided answers below for the most frequent questions we receive.

If you have further questions, you may reach us at, or 657-276-5240; we welcome your email or call.

Q. How do I become MBAT Certified?

A. The MBAT certification training is organized in to three levels of researched based training designed to teach the therapist how to incorporate mindfulness based materials, information, research, tools and practices into their addiction and trauma therapy work in order to help clients gain long term recovery. Click here to learn more about the training levels and how to attend.

Q. When and where does the MBAT training take place?

A. The MBAT certification is facilitated through The Mindfulness Academy for Addiction & Trauma Training (learn more about TMAATT and the staff here).

Two levels of the training takes place in Newport Beach, California USA, and one level of training takes place on line through the TMAATT website. 

The Level I & III MBAT Trainings are scheduled on site in Newport Beach, CA. on Friday & Saturday 8:30-4:30, and Sunday 8:30-12:30.

The Level II MBAT Training is a manageable self-paced course provided on line through the TMAATT website supported by an MBAT supervisor. 

Q. What does the MBAT training include?

A. The MBAT training includes academic instruction – both on site and on line in order to honor our MBATs busy professional and personal lives. 

Each training level includes the following:

  • CEUs

  • Researched based in class and on line academic instruction 

  • Experiential exercises

  • Mindfulness activities

  • Individual work

  • Small group work

  • Materials and tools to begin using with clients

  • Access to the MBAT community 

  • Sano Press Discounts (including support for writing and publishing)

  • The Counselor’s Coach Discount (including business coaching support)

The focus of each training level is to assist the MBAT in increasing their understanding on how mindfulness impacts the neuroplasticity of the addictive brain, reduces trauma, and supports long-term recovery goals.

In addition to supporting healing and growth in clients, the MBAT certification training also helps the clinician utilize the mindfulness based approach in order to decrease fatigue and burn out, and increase energy and a renewed connection to the clinical work and the clients that they support. 


Q. What are the MBAT supervision requirements?

A. Each MBAT is required to have a minimum of 25 hours of supervision with a MBAT certified supervisor within a two year period while completing the three MBAT training levels. 

10 of the hours are required to be scheduled face-to-face, and can be completed via Facetime or Skype. 


Q. What is the cost for the MBAT training?

A. Each training level is $975 and can be paid via credit card once you have registered and completed the TMAATT training application and verification process. For the early birds, we offer $100 off of your Level I training as a support.

Q. What can i expect from the MBAT Training and TMAATT?

A. TMAATT is dedicated to:

  • Ensuring that each MBAT candidate is taught by experienced licensed clinical instructors who are trained in mindfulness, trauma, and addiction.

  • Ensuring that each class size is small in order to create the ideal atmosphere for learning, growth and trust. Our MBAT clinicians make life long friends and colleagues from all around the world as they move through each training level.    

  • Ensuring that our MBAT supervisors work closely with each MBAT clinician to help them implement the mindfulness tools in their own clinical practice. We want our MBATs to confidently apply what they are learning with the clients they work with. 

  • Ensuring that we support each MBATs growth and interest in applying mindfulness in their personal lives as they are inspired to do so.

  • Ensuring that we provide a community that fosters collaboration, support and kindness so that every candidate feels connected not only during the training, but long after you have completed the MBAT certification training.

To learn more about the MBAT Training, we look forward to hearing from you!